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Food Supplement Manufacturers Association (FSMA) is a non-profit organization, which encourages physicians and pharmacists to take more active part in promoting moderate usage of non-prescription drugs and food supplements, achieving balance between consumption of food supplement products and medical treatment and providing to the public most up-to-date information about health care and achievements in medicine and pharmacy.

FSMA encourages public to take care of it’s health, to strengthen and improve it, advocates healthy lifestyle and health improvement using natural plant, animal or mineral substances, provides information about usage of various health strengthening and improving substances, which do not cause any side effects, contraindications or allergies.

FSMA expands market for food supplement products in Lithuania, takes part in creating and implementing a common policy of the dissemination and advocacy of the food supplement products together with the governmental institutions of the Republic of Lithuania, participates in the creation and improvement of the legislation concerning the food supplement products.

FSMA unites Lithuanian and European Union’s food supplements’, special food products’ and non-prescription medicines’ producers and their representatives in Lithuania. Currently FSMA is one of the largest national organizations, unifying producers and dealers of those products.

FSMA collects, summarizes and provides to the public information on functioning of the human organism, most common heart and vascular, support and movement system’s, digestive system’s, skin’s, eyes’, cold-related, children and other diseases and possible causes for health impairment based on the activities and the experience of it’s members.

Food Supplement Manufacturers Association was established on June 22, 2006.


Management structure

Stucture of Association

  • General members’ assembly. Supreme management body of Association
  • Board.
  • Director. Manages and performs Association’s operational activities.